Collection: TC ATHENA

Introducing our remarkable single cut design electric guitar series, featuring the TC Athena 72 models and the iconic TC Athena Classic model. Our 72 models offer the perfect blend of craftsmanship and versatility, boasting a mahogany body with a choice between dynamic P90s or powerful humbuckers to shape your ideal tone. Alternatively, the Classic model stands as a symbol of timeless elegance, featuring a swamp ash body and two single coil pickups for a distinct sonic character. All models offer a choice of gold or chrome Graphtech hardware, enhancing their visual allure. Seymour Duncan pickups infuse each guitar with exceptional sonic range, from vintage warmth to modern brilliance. With the option of a roasted flamed maple or rosewood neck, coupled with a diverse palette of colors and pickguard designs, these guitars reflect your personal style. The inclusion of stainless steel frets guarantees impeccable intonation and enduring quality, underscoring our commitment to precision. As a final touch, Luminlay side dots illuminate your fretboard, enhancing stage presence and fret visibility. In essence, our single cut design electric guitars embody a harmonious blend of tone, aesthetics, and performance, inviting you to embark on a musical journey like never before.

The name "TC Athena" for our guitars draws inspiration from the Greek Goddess Athena, the counterpart to the Roman Minerva, symbolizing wisdom, learning, arts, and industry. Mirroring Athena's diverse attributes, each instrument reflects our unwavering commitment to precision, durability, and innovation, echoing the goddess's multifaceted legacy. These guitars transcend being mere tools; they stand as platforms for personal expression, harmonizing form and function seamlessly. In essence, the name "TC Athena" encapsulates our guitars' embodiment of wisdom, creativity, and resolute craftsmanship, paying tribute to the goddess's varied domains and serving as a testament to musical excellence.